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A Little Introduction

I'm a mother of 4 and while 3 out of 4 of my kids will eat everything under the sun, Sam, my youngest daughter, acquired a unique preference to food. I guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree because my mother told me that when I was Sam's age, I would keep food in my mouth so she couldn't feed me.


Because Sam was such a picky eater, I struggled with introducing new food for her to eat because she simply didn't want to try new things. I started forming little scenes here and there with the food. I noticed that when Sam was served these plate art, she would get excited and eat all her food. If my little girl is happy than I am happy. After each successful meal, it became therapeutic to me because once I knew Sam would eat the food, I could serve the dish to her on a regular plate like the rest of the family. I wish there were more time in the day since my imagination runs wild and I just want to create more dishes. I also got Sam involved in the kitchen and I noticed a tremendous difference. She became very proud of each meal she helped prepared and it sparked more of an interest in eating.

It never occurred to me to post any of my creations but a local mommy group I share with kept asking me to dedicate an Instagram account or blog so they can continue to see my work. I will be making more plates and tutorials to share with everyone but mostly because my daughter is freak'n adorable when she sees one of my plate art. 


With no art background other than photography, I am overwhelmed with all the recognition I've been receiving from Huffpost, Parents, Parenting OC (page 16), and Skylink TVThank you for your love and support. I hope my creations can somehow help you and your child, too. Being patient, creative and persistent is key and you will eventually overcome this battle.

Yours truly,
Kim Anh

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