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Xèo, Xèo Away!

When I was a little girl, every time my mom made bánh xèo (Vietnamese savory crepes), I would envision a boat since it is shape so much like it. I still do. I make this dish often since it's one of my favorites, but now I get to introduce it to my little girl the way I always imagine.

This dish was actually really easy to plate since making bánh xèo is practically second nature to me. It was just adding all the embellishments. I cut cucumber skin to make the fisherman and the sail and carrot slices to make the fishes.


Click here for my step-by-step tutorial on How to Plate Xèo, Xèo Away!

Banh Xeo Batter from Scratch

5 cups of Rice Grain

1:1 Water and Rice ratio

1 cup Cooked Rice

1 tbsp Tumeric powder

1 tsp Salt

1 can Coconut Milk (14 fl oz.)

Chopped Green Onions

Cooking Oil

  1. Rinse rice grain til water is clear

  2. Add 1:1 rice and water ratio, cover, and soak overnight

  3. The next morning blend rice grain, cooked rice, and water for 3 minutes.

  4. In a big bowl, combine blended mixture, tumeric powder, salt, coconut milk and mix well

  5. Add chopped green onions and store in refrigerator (I usually mix batter in the morning to use for dinner) How to cook it:

  6. Using a nonstick pan, on high heat, add 1 tbsp oil

  7. Add onions, sliced pork belly, and shrimps

  8. 8- Once shrimps barely turns pink, add batter and swirl until pan is evenly coated.

  9. Add bean sprouts to one side and cover with lid for 1 minute

  10. Remove lid and add 1 tbsp oil around the rim of the banh xeo

  11. Banh Xeo is done when it stops sizzling and you do not see the batter bubbling anymore.

*Note: Add more water if needed. Batter should be runny. Rice grain settles very quickly so be sure to mix well before each use.

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