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Banana Split Ice Cream Food Art by Chef Sam

Banana Split Ice Cream for lunch? Sure!! why not..

Here's another super fun and easy food art that you can do with your child(ren)! I did all the minor work such as cooking the eggs and bacons and anything that requires heat, a knife or scissors. Although Sam is very confident that she's ready to use the scissors on her own.

Plate Art for Kids started all because of my desperate attempt to feed my picky little Sam. Next thing you know I started to involve her in cooking and everything became really fun. It's our own mommy and me quality time together.

Sam is pretty proud of her cooking and involvement which which slowly got her to try new things. All of a sudden she's not so picky anymore.

So now I'm going to pass my torch over to Sam and let her show you how it's done. By doing this, not only is she having fun but it allows her to be creative.

Click here to see this Banana Split Ice Cream tutorial...

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